About So LoveLee




Welcome to So LoveLee, I am only delire (delighted) to have you here!
So LoveLee is a clothing brand that was created to inspire, promote a positive mental state and bring joy to your everyday life. Each one of our products are specifically designed and custom made for each customer, to build confidence, inspire self-belief and encourage you to lead with kindness.

I am BEYOND excited to finally share this venture with you. It has been a dream of mine for many years now but was never bold enough to take action.

My motivation behind launching a brand that has positivity and kindness embedded in its mission is, to overcome the hurdles my anxiety and depression has caused. I have suffered with anxiety my whole life but due to certain circumstances it came to a breaking point. 

However, after taking time to practice mindfulness and affirmations, I'm motivated to turn this negative experience into a positive one. What really changed my perspective was a quote that I came across from George Bernard Shaw "life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself". This is exactly what I hope this brand encourages you to do. To have the courage to be yourself ,create your own happiness, forge your own paths and design a life that brings out the Happy Human in you.

With all that said, it's about time you part-take in some self-care and go, treat yourself to some So LoveLee products! ;)

Happy shopping!

Love Always,